Mountain Top Consulting

Helping you see, strive and flourish.

Expert Performance Consulting




Professional Coaching

Challenge your thinking. Stimulate your creativity. Have a personal sounding board with tools and techniques for dealing with situations. Receive encouragement. Build confidence.

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Business Insight & Evaluation

Changing direction? Rethinking the rules? Trying something new? You are the expert on your business. Let us work with you to discover and unlock the hidden potential within your teams and organisation.

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Team Development & Formation

Forming? Storming? Norming? Performing? Get more from your teams with targeted development designed to help release your team into new seasons of discovery and productivity.

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Who we are

At our foundation we have a desire to see you, your team and your organisation flourish.

Our performance consulting and coaching services achieve this through our paradigm:

Mountain Top Consulting
  • See your world through new lenses
  • Strive for goals which meet your definition of success
  • Flourish in an environment that encourages your healthy and vigorous growth and development.

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