Mountain Top Consulting offer a range of Professional Coaching, Business Insight and Team Development services.

Professional Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Leading Millennials and Gen-Z
  • Leading Volunteers
  • Life-stage Transition
  • Prepare/Enrich Marriage Coaching

Business Insight

  • Vision & mission formation
  • Culture & values articulation
  • Strategic planning
  • Business analysis
  • Organisation restructure
  • Business process mapping
  • Efficiency & cost analytics
  • Profitability analysis
  • KPI setting and reporting
  • Balance scorecards
  • Stakeholder engagement and customer satisfaction analysis

Team Development

  • Leadership teams
  • Enhanced conversations training
  • Team building events and retreats
  • Role clarity and formation
  • Team re-structure
  • Managing volunteer teams
  • Working with young teams
Professional Coaching. Business Insight. Team Development.

What does it mean to flourish?

When was the last time you considered this question...and what was the answer? What did you miss?

The factors which contribute to an environment conducive to healthy and vigorous growth are often broad and not always immediately obvious. At Mountain Top Consulting we specialise in helping you to see what it will take to flourish.

The key is collaboration

Collaboration is the key to innovation.

Bringing together a variety of views, ideas and opinions allows for a greater degree creativity, thought and discussion. At Mountain Top Consulting, our approach is always to work as collaboratively as possible. We work with you and your people to effect meaningful change that is widely known, owned and loved.

Professional Coaching. Business Insight. Team Development.
Professional Coaching. Business Insight. Team Development.

Cultivating Millennials & Gen-Z

Millennials and Gen-Z are the future and more than any generation before them they desire innovation and advancement. Cultivating their ingenuity is a challenge worth facing.

For more than a decade Mountain Top Consulting has been leading, managing and working with Millennials and Gen-Z. We know what makes them tick, and how to release their potential.

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